Since the 2006-2007 school year, we have been organising an “International Week” which has become a cultural event that is part of the school’s project and during which we welcome about ten foreign delegations. The organisation of this event enabled us to obtain the “international lycée” label from the French Ministry of Education in 2007.

During this week our French students (as well as students from foreign delegations) are immersed in a truly international and intercultural atmosphere. For the teachers this week is also a privileged moment to set up European projects or other pedagogical projects in pairs.

Each foreign delegation is composed of a maximum of 10 students and 2 accompanying teachers. The foreign students are the same age as our French students (i.e. between 14-15 and 17-18 years old) and do not necessarily study French in their home country but speak English, German or Spanish.

Students from foreign delegations are accommodated in the homes of our French students and their accompanying teachers in the homes of LP2I teachers. Both the students and the teachers of the foreign delegations eat at midday in the lycée canteen and in the evening (and at weekends) at the homes of the host families. The LP2I takes care of the management, organisation and logistics for the whole week. It is up to each delegation to take charge of and organise the return trip to LP2I.

Each edition of the “International Week” has a theme. Indeed, each delegation must make an intervention of a maximum of 10 minutes on the evening of the presentation of the delegations, based on the theme. This presentation can take several forms: a video, popular and folk dances, a mini live concert, a computer-assisted presentation, etc.

Accompanying teachers are also asked to prepare a workshop (international BAS) lasting 1h30; this workshop is completely free and can be on any subject, for example, a mathematics workshop in German; a workshop to present the culture of one’s country of origin (literature, music, geography, history, etc.); a workshop on artistic creation in Spanish; a physical science workshop in English, etc. Once we have the list of all the proposed workshops, each student (whether French or foreign) registers for two workshops according to his or her wishes and needs. The programme for the international week will be put online on the LP2I website a few weeks before the start of the week so that delegations can read it.

Within the framework of an individual European mobility programme, we will ask the foreign delegations taking part in the “International Week” to kindly welcome, for a fortnight, a few French students from our school to their home countries and schools at the end of the school year. In addition, we are also able to welcome and accommodate in our turn a limited number of foreign students for a week or two weeks at LP2I during the school year.

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