What is the WEBfolio?

the WEBfolio (a kind of digital portfolio) must allow the student to group together the individual and collective work carried out during his/her schooling at LP2I, the skills acquired or in the process of being acquired, the participations and experiences carried out in the school, extracurricular and extracurricular context. Indeed, it enables the skills acquired outside of high school to be identified and put to good use. It can also contain, if the pupil so wishes, his or her research in terms of orientation, reports, diplomas (first aid, bafa…). It is also a place where the pupil can store his productions. It serves as an archive: all the productions are easily accessible, thanks to links for example.

A reflexive tool, it allows students to question their actions, experiences and work and to take stock of their schooling as well as their extra-curricular commitments.

Obviously, when applying for a post-baccalaureate course, the student will adapt, modulate his WEBfolio according to what seems important to him to put forward or not (creativity, the linguistic pole, the scientific dimension of his course, the importance of teamwork etc.).

He/she may ask the external persons with whom he/she carries out these activities to attest to the participation, involvement and acquisition of skills of the pupil in the said activity. An attestation form is available to them and may be included in their final version.

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